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Christopher Stone AKA Christopher Watermeier witnessed a live rape broadcasted on Stickam.com, recorded video, then posted the screen caps to his teen gossip website instead of reporting it to police.
He was also sued for harassment by a teen. He lost and had a judgement against him. After the judgement he went into hiding and sold off his L.A. condo for cash. He relocated out of California and is now hiding his assets so that he does not have to pay his judgement. These are print outs of his actual website that was shut down and he attempted to auction off for $25k after he received too much heat for harassing an 11 year old that was then placed into police custody. The victim discovered she was assaulted and her video was online after people sent her his website. The rape was on the news and after the police interviewed him – news stations called my home phone inquiring if I was the blonde in the video according to them stating that Chris alluded that I was. I was not the victim in this video.
(I blurred the victim’s face. Her face was not blurred on his website.)

live rape posted on sticky drama

stickydrama rape2

Here is his multimillion dollar judgment against him for libel and harassment. Click here to see legal documents: Backlund-v-Stone
He can no longer pass the bar to become a lawyer because of his harassment and abuse of others.

Oct 032014

Here is a conversation with a commenter on my Youtube. Please read:
“I don’t think rape is ever the victims fault… Seriously who would wish something like that upon themselves. However, sometimes us females put ourselves in vulnerable positions that could be avoided. I think in your case your parents.. Specially your mom had a real real lack of good parenting.. For allowing a 13 year old girl to expose herself like that online, for allowing you to have a “boyfriend” at such young age and ultimately for allowing a stranger to move into the house just like that… My mom would’ve never ever allowed any of those things and if I ever tried any of those things she would’ve given me a well deserved spanking and pep talk. That horrible situation could’ve been avoided for sure and it’s just sad that it happened to you.

Your behavior is taken as an invitation for things like that and I’m sure you do this unknowingly because you simply don’t know. You make lots of videos laying seductively in bed.. Do you realize how suggestive that is? You can’t be surprised at guys sending you messages about the things they want to do to you. I’m a female and even I can see it. Sadly we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world where every action causes a reaction. I’m sorry but I currently study clinical psychology and 95% of the things you went through scream pretty shitty shitty parenting very loudly. And by the way I’ve been a victim and I know what it’s like which is why I chose this career. […] men always want to push for sex, doesn’t matter if they are mentally ill or not, if they love you or not, that’s what men do because that’s what biologically testosterone does and if you add that to a messed up person then you have a lethal combination. ”

Another commenter replied to this person, which I thought was great: “You have to realize tho when this happen to her it was still early for social media. Most people didn’t realize that the whole world saw and watched what you were doing. It wasn’t like how in school or even kid tv shows today where they tell children to be safe and think before going online. Everyone more educated today about the internet and social media. Back then not so much, actually wasn’t until I was well into high school( 2010 )when everyone was warning us about the internet. I would like to say I don’t think her parents are bad parents, I think they did the best they could do with the given situation. Most parents today still don’t understand the internet since they had not grown up with it and they try their best to protect their kids. For the way she dressed I don’t judge because I have worn questionable outfits when I was around that age as well. My mom never question me on it because she knew I was just trying to find who I was. In general we should just stopping commenting on her life, we have no idea what had happen or went on. No matter how much education you have you cannot step in someone shoes.”

I replied to the initial commenter that was victim blaming with more about my experience:
“You state to me that your mom would have “given you a spanking and a pep talk” yet somehow along the way of your mom’s spankings and pep talks, you admittedly became a victim. Thus because of this, you are now studying psychology. So how is it, in spite of your mom’s implied attention and good parenting skills of spankings and pep talks, that you became a “victim”? Also, because men have testosterone you are defending their behavior of overpowering some else’s wishes not to have sex? WOW.
How would a man with so much testosterone find a 13 year old girl that’s not developed into a woman sexy and attractive?

By what you have just said regarding my trauma and experience, you’ve proven you’re just another one of those people online who read false B.S. from people who were never there or know a single thing about what TRULY happened and the TRUE dynamics of what went on. You have no idea what really happened, and no article online, no hateful blog post, no police report with MANY MISTAKES MADE BY THE POLICE who took my report who was fatigued and took it at 11pm at night at a closed office who messed up some very important facts will ever depict the truth of what happened to me.

Why don’t you look at my abuser’s family? Why didn’t they help him? His mother knew he had a problem. The first thing she said to me when she met me “Oh no, NOT ANOTHER ONE” then motioned the coocoo sign towards her son. When his sister’s friend found out how old I was when we would hang out in Miami she yelled at him “WTF Danny, again?!” His father raped his half sister and they had a child and his mother covered it up. His mother got pregnant at 13 and saw nothing wrong with him going after minors – his mother called each minor a slut and a whore screaming at them over the phone and threatening to sick her convict daughter on them (who served 9 year in prison for armed robbery and was in the drug cocaine business).

There were 18 other minors after me and countless of minors before he assaulted me. One girl ran up to him crying and screaming at him trying to claw his eyes out, He brushed it off as girls just wanting him that cannot have him because he was with me – later, after 18 other girls came to me and told me their stories, I found out he raped that 12 year old girl and she was reeling in pain.
Many other guys in the Miami area who personally knew him from highschool and seeing him at shows would message me on Myspace warning me about him going after minors, but when they messaged me… it was already too late… he had already forced sex on me and sworn me to secrecy.

His father was deported for raping a child under the age of 12. HIS MOTHER took me and him to the bus where his father was being deported off to and they told me it was because he did not have his green card. They lied to me. He was being deported for raping minor girls. His mother took a 13 year old girl who her son was grooming to the deportation of his rapist pedophile father…. and you want to scold MY PARENTS?
My family did not know anything about his family history until the detective on the case found everything and showed us… Every member of his family has a mugshot and a police track record, look them up. His family members use multiple social security numbers and multiple different last names and aliases.

Another thing he did was always ask me for my social security number. I had no idea what one was at the time when I was 13, so I never gave it to him; however he did steal my mom’s credit card and charge $ 4,000 worth of gifts for other minors, one girl told me he had my mom’s CC number and he bought new computers and a cellphone for a 12 year old he was grooming and kidnapped for 2 weeks – it was all over the Miami news.

The FBI on the case set up Myspace accounts with girls pictures displaying they were 12, 13, and 14…. Danny went after each one and pursued the FBI fake profiles sexually – there was so much evidence that his guy was a pedophile. There were 21 sexual assault counts on my case, but they narrowed it down to 13, so that it would not cost the courts a lot of money and get stuck in the system being overwhelmed with too many counts and paper work.

He did not live at my home. He found ways to stay at my house i.e. breaking his car ignition by twisting his key so half of it broke off inside the ignition so that he had no way home, sneaking into my bedroom through my window while I was sleeping to be woken up by him violently pulling down my underwear and whispering fucked up words of “love” in my ear. He threatened suicide and cut himself with razors in front of me and drink liquid ban aid when I would not give in to him forcing sex. When I broke up with him, he sped to my home and took an array of pills in front of me and sped off. Do you know how traumatizing that is? What kind of parents raise a man like that? He would guilt trip me, harm himself when I would not give him what he wanted, he would pick me up and hold me over the railing on the 2nd story of a mall and would not let me down until I agreed to oral sex, after he put me down on the ground- he would call me a bitch and a whore. He would make me rate his performance after pinning me down on the floor and forcing sex. When I would cry or not answer him, he would kick my ribs, call me a bitch and go back to sleep in my bed while I laid on the floor stunned and in pain.

No one knows how truly awful this man was…. only the girls he groomed for longer periods of time – he groomed me for a long time because he knew that is what it took to get me. He had to work for it because my family was always there for me, other girls gave in faster (many girls had single parent households or parents that worked often, so they did not have a strong support system like I did, so they were more vulnerable and easier, quicker targets for him) and he accumulated massive amounts of girls he stole their virginity from.

You have no idea what truly went on. No one does. No one will know until I speak more about what happened to me and what kind of man he really was. – not the man of his groomed under aged admirers online claim he is or the man his family tries to paint him in order to cover up their own dark history.

I deleted the several other paragraphs you continued to write to me because you continued along the same vein. After more insinuations and blame (yet saying you don’t blame the victim), you then go onto to say that you were a victim and that you are now a psychology student and don’t read the hate sites. Not surprisingly one of my haters that has repeatedly harassed me for many years likes to regularly state that he/she is a “psychology student” as well. Where were your parents when you were victimized? Where were the parents of the many other girls that he violated? Where was his parents? How did you dress when you were victimized? How did you behave when you were victimized? Please try to understand the nature of your OWN type of questions.

Please try to also realize that I didn’t have ONE questionable or “exposing” video or picture BEFORE this was done to me. My Myspace had pictures of me fully clothed, hanging with friends, and funny pictures NONE of which were provocative in any way. My age was listed as 14. HE first contacted me with the phrase, “Cake and Ice cream”. He positioned himself as harmless, and he knew how to “groom” the family and parents as well as his targets. “Say ‘hello to your mommies'” was one of his later quotes on his Stickam.

My purpose for this video is to let girls as well as the boys that this happens to know that there are warning flags and that regardless of ones situations, circumstances, parents, school, etc that one can empower him or herself with awareness and actions if they know what to look for. This kind of thing continues to happen to this day, and shaming and blaming the victim and/or the family does absolutely nothing to help the victims and future victims. It helps the perpetrators continue their actions though. We need more now than ever to feel safe to speak up, and place light on a very dark issue. This kind of trauma can sentence a victim to a lifetime of issues especially in our finger-pointing, victim shaming society. We can change this for our generation!”

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January 28, 2012: Vegan/Vegetarian Guide and Info: Concerns, Nutrition, Animal Cruelty Facts, Convenience/Cost, Recipes, Secrets, Everything one would need to know about becoming a vegan or vegetarian

(Make sure to check out every single link on this blog! There are great recipes and meal plans that will take you step by step below!)2014: not all links wrk since this post will be in the process of a 2014 update for veganism. In the mean time, enjoy!

Concerns on becoming vegan or vegetarian?
Here are some common concerns:
Nutrient Deficiencies: Iron deficiency, Lack of calcium, not enough omega 3’s
Cost $$$
Is it healthy? Is it safe?
What if I have allergies?
Parental Support

Here are questions anyone would ask himself or herself before becoming a vegetarian or vegan. Despite popular traditional outdated beliefs, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are very fulfilling and are great for the body, mind and soul.

How can I get enough nutrients (iron, calcium, magnesium, essential vitamins, etc.) in my diet?

With any diet, vegan or not, it is important to make sure you are receiving all the nutrients your body needs. Most people do not pay attention to nutrient guidelines for a healthy diet. According to this article vegan and vegetarian diets were common in three deficiencies were as the average meat eating diet is lacking in SEVEN. You can also go to a natural health food store and find vitamins made for vegan and vegetarian diets. Do not replace eating healthy with taking vitamins. Eating junk food and taking vitamins to “counteract” the junk will not work!


Are there any foods to be on the look out for that I should incorporate into my vegan/vegetarian diet?

There are many foods out there that have amazing benefits and are to be considered ‘power foods’ that people over look everyday.
Foods that are widely available and cost effective!
For instance, apples help regulate blood sugar, contain dietary fiber, clear complexions and intestine tracks; overall helps clean your body of toxins.
Potatoes carry an amazing source of iron and B vitamins. One baked potato offers about 20 percent of the daily-recommended amount of vitamin B6, which is good news for your heart. They are also very high in potassium, beating other potassium-rich foods. They are a good source of iron and copper, too. In fact, a potato a day is good for your heart, promoting normal blood-pressure levels.
Walnuts are one of the best plant sources of protein. They are rich in fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, and antioxidants such as Vitamin E (Great for the skin and eyes!). Nuts in general are also high in plant sterols and fat – but mostly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (omega 3 fatty acids – the good fats that help enhance your brain function, keep your eyes, hair, and nails gorgeous and strong) that have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol. Pecans are wonderful to help boost immune systems and have essential healthy fats/oils that help weight loss and complexion.

Pecans (any nut for that matter) instead of Meat
Pecans and other nuts count as meat servings in the Food Pyramid. That’s because pecans are high in protein and other important nutrients. However, nuts contain more healthful types of fats than meat does and they are cholesterol-free, so they make excellent choices over fatty meats like steak or even chicken. This way you’re providing your body with a healthy choice while not spending your hard earned money on animal cruelty by funding the slaughterhouses. In short, basically every/ any nut, fruits, and vegetables are great for vegan and vegetarian diets. There are millions of different types of nuts, fruits, and vegetables compared to the different types of hormone pumped, steroid injected, abused flesh of animals. Let take a look:

Apples, grapes-green-red-concord, watermelon-honey dew-cantaloupe, star fruit-, dragon fruit-, passion fruit, coconut, mango, papaya, pomegranate, dates-figs, bananas-plantains, peaches, nectarines, bilberries-raspberries-blueberries-blackberries-strawberries gooseberries-boysenberries-cherries, kiwi, summer squash, tomato peppers-green-yellow-red-orange, plum, pear, apricot, egg plant, lemons-limes, pineapple, zucchini-cucumber, oranges-nectarines – grapefruits-Clementine

Chives, Garlic, Leeks, Onions, Scallions, Shallots, Water chestnuts, Avocados, Chayote, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Okra, Olives, Peppers, Squash, Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Artichokes, Broccoli, Broccoli rabe, Cauliflower, Arugula, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Chicory, Chinese cabbage, Collards, Cress, Dandelion nettles, Endive, Lamb’s lettuce, Lettuce, Nasturtium, Purslane, Radicchio, Savoy, Sea kale, Sorrel, Spinach, Beets, Burdock, Carrots, Celeriac, Malanga, Parsnips, Radishes, Rutabaga, Salsify, Turnips, Asparagus, Bamboo, Cardoon, Celery, Chard, Fiddlehead, Fennel, Kohlrabi, Cassava, Crosne ,Jerusalem artichoke, Jicama, Potato, Sweet potato, Taro, Yam

Nuts and Seeds:
Almond, Beech, Butternut, Brazil nut, Candlenut, Cashew, Chestnuts, including: Chinese Chestnut, Malabar chestnut, sweet Chestnut, Colocynth, Cucurbita ficifolia, Filbert, Gevuina avellana, Hazelnut, Pecan, Shagbark Hickory, Kola nut, Macadamia, Mamoncillo, Maya nut, Mongongo, Ogbono nut, Paradise nut, Pili nut, Pistachio, Walnut, Peanut, Pine Nut, Flax Seed, Pumpkin Seed

Black bean, Pinto bean, Red bean, Green beans, Garbanzo flava beans adzuki beans, anasazi beans, black turtle beans, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, lima beans, mung beans, navy beans, split peas, soy beans

I just named 44 common fruits (there are so many more) 67 vegetables, and 48 nuts/seeds and beans! Lets name the main types of meat:
Chicken, pig, cow- veal (baby cow), duck, deer, and crocodile, fish

I named 7 common meats and 159 fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds and beans. There’s many more recipes and meals that include fruits, veggies, and nuts/seeds rather than meat. (Not to mention meals that consist of fruits, veggies, and nuts/seeds are way healthier and contain more benefits for your body in the long run).
There easy, convenient recipes that will give you more energy, leave you feeling satisfied, enhance your bodies natural functions whether that be your nervous system, bodily function, endocrine system dealing with hormones, or over all body harmony, and the recipes I post are very tasty!

Top 5 healthiest nuts to incorporate into your vegan / vegetarian diet (for ANY diet)! :

Too many nuts can confuse people! Let’s sum it down to the top five healthiest nuts that you can buy anywhere! Be sure to buy raw nuts that have been already soaked, raw nuts contain the most benefits rather than a roasted salted nut where the nutrients were cooked out and replaced with salt and preservatives that are not healthy for you. Remember grab the raw nuts, not the roasted salted nuts!

4.Brazil Nuts
5.Cedar Nuts
Read the article below by clicking the link below to find out the benefits/nutrients of each nut.
Nuts can replace proteins of cows milk and meat.

Is going Vegan/Vegetarian healthy, safe?
This link contains 57 health benefits of going vegan:
When I converted into an organic vegetarian at the age of 8, I noticed my vision enhanced, my mind was much clearer, I could think fast and had amazing critical thinking skills. I also felt that I had more energy, I wasn’t bogging my body down with meat from abused tortured animals who were constantly on a daily basis injected with hormones, steroids, mercury vaccines, and antibiotics. Many people do not know that once you consume meat that has been injected and abused, those hormones, steroids, vaccines, and antibiotics are still in the meat. That is why each year young girls are developing breasts at YOUNG ages (cases show girls getting their first period at the age of 7, 8 and 9) and continues into sky rocketing numbers. The reason for the premature development is because of consuming chickens that were pumped with hormones for the purpose to enhance their breast size in a superhuman time amount. It takes 3 years for chickens to fully develop, but with the cruel injections of these hormones it now takes three months. Not only this practice harming the chicken, it is harming our children and loved ones. Read about hormones, steroids and antibiotics in your food supply:

Read the conditions of where your food comes from/lives in:


How do I start becoming a vegan or vegetarian?
It depends on what kind of person you are. At the age of 8, I stopped immediately after seeing the types of abuse the animals were dealt with; however I started off as an organic vegetarian. An organic vegetarian consumes organic dairy and organic cage free vegetarian eggs as well as some organic fruits and vegetables.
Why organic? Going organic is the healthiest thing you can do for your body in this time era. Noted earlier animals are being pumped with hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and vaccines that contain mercury that all go into YOUR body once consumed. This is the same for fruits and vegetables.
Notice how some fruits and veggies have that ‘chemical’ slight off taste no matter how many times you wash it? That’s because the pesticides, bug killers, and genetically modified chemicals fuse into the fruit. Non-organic fruits and veggies are now being genetically modified as seeds to grow at a fast alarming rate. This is a problem for this genetically modified fruits and veggies are causing health problems. This Frankenstein practice for fruits and veggies to grow faster and be immune to bug killers cause hormone endocrine imbalances, thyroid problems, intestinal damage, kidney damage, anemia and blood pressure problems plus many more (read the health hazards of GMO foods, 80% of processed foods are GMO [genetically modified foods]

Another problem with genetically modified foods is that the fruits and veggies become more immune to stronger pesticides meaning that the bugs will too, so each round of pesticides must be stronger and more harmful to kill the bugs… you are consuming levels of that pesticide in non organic foods. Anyways. I started off as an organic vegetarian and then converted into a vegan.
If you are someone who needs some guiding through, slowly cut meat out of your diet then try not eating meat for a week, but be sure to stay strong. The three-day hump can be difficult for some people who were raised on eating meat. Here are some recipe links that can help you out on your first week!


What if I’m allergic to nuts? Can I still receive protein, calcium, and essential fatty oils as a vegan or vegetarian without the use of nuts?
Yes! There are many vegan and vegetarians out there with nut allergies. The way to get the necessary nutrients for your diet would be through seeds. Flax seeds, Hemp seeds, and Pumpkins seeds are very good for your body and have many benefits/rich nutrients. Many vegans and vegetarians take flax seeds oil and evening prim rose oil along with their weekly multi vitamin to keep their bodies healthy. Flax contains 0mega 3’s, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fatty oils just like walnuts for healthy eyesight, brain function, healthy heart, and hair skin +nails. I personally take flax seed oil, it’s chocolate flavor and it is actually quite good, I like to put it in coconut milk yogurt with granola. You can even put flax seed in white rice, salads, oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream and many more! Flax seed also benefits reproduction health and relieves PMS symptoms and painful menstrual cycles.

Flax seed info: http://www.healthyflax.com/flax-health-benefits/

Hemp seed:http://www.brighthub.com/health/alternative-medicine/articles/42702.aspx

“Amino acids are called the “building blocks of life” because they rebuild and repair tissues and organs. Amino acids are needed for growth and maintenance, enzymes and hormones, antibodies, fluid balance, salt balance, acid-base balance, energy, and so much more. Omega fatty acids offer many benefits. They help in weight loss because they produce long-term appetite satisfaction and they also help the cardiovascular, immune, reproductive, and central nervous systems on a minute-to-minute basis every day. Other benefits of hemp seed come from the fiber content (which is important for the digestive system) and the many vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants (such as vitamins A, C, and E). Hemp seeds have a nutty flavor and can be eaten raw. You can add them to baked goods, salads, dips, and sauces. You can also combine with your favorite fruits and blend to make a refreshing smoothie.”

Pumpkin Seeds: http://health.learninginfo.org/herbs/pumpkin-seeds.htm
Pumpkin seeds provide prostate protection, improved bladder function, help depression and moods, natural anti-inflammatory agent, contains magnesium, lowers cholesterol, omega 3’s healthy fatty acids and oils and many more. Toasted pumpkin seed recipe!

Evening Prim Rose Oil: http://health.learninginfo.org/herbs/evening-primrose-oil.htm
Evening primrose is a wildflower that grows throughout North America, Europe and some parts of Asia. The seeds of this plant (Oenothera biennis) contain oil that is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is an omega-6 essential fatty acid (EFA). The body converts GLA into prostaglandins, substances that function like hormones and help to regulate body processes. This oil also helps relieves PMS symptoms/ painful menses and is commonly used for skin conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema. Prim rose oil is very anti-inflammatory.

Chia Seeds: http://www.mychiaseeds.com/Articles/Top10ChiaBenefits.html
Chia seeds have Omega 3’s fatty acids, hydrophilic, lots of dietary fiber, and help regulate blood sugar and help weight loss, cut cravings, increase energy. (A tasty energy bar that tastes like a treat that contains Chia seeds is a GREEN BAR be sure to get the chocolate covered one! All vegan) Chia seeds provide calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, molybdenum, niacin, zinc, and even boron (which helps the absorbing of calcium by the body).
-Other foods high in calcium include collard greens, kale, spinach, soybeans, tahini, and broccoli

Sensitivity to Soy and the harms of soy:
KEY: Soy may be one of those foods that is good in moderation, but harmful in excess.
I have an allergen/sensitivity to soy. I was not always this way. You can develop allergies over time. Usually allergies come in two’s or three’s. The most common allergies for vegetarians are dairy, wheat gluten, and soy. After years of eating soy all day everyday whether it be fake soy meat to big blocks of tofu I developed a soy allergy/sensitivity. Soy/tofu is a genetically modified food. (Please read paragraph somewhere above about GMOs [genetically modified organism]) Soy contains a natural plant hormone called phytoestrogens. This hormone mimics the effects of the female hormone oestrogen. These phytoestrogens have been found to have adverse effects on various human tissues, and drinking only two glasses of soymilk daily for one month has enough of the chemical to alter a woman’s menstrual cycle. Soy is particularly problematic for infants and it would be very wise to avoid giving them soy-derived products, since it has been estimated that infants who are exclusively fed soy formula receive the equivalent of five birth control pills worth of oestrogen every day.

PLEASE READ ABOUT THE HARMS OF TOO MUCH SOY :http://www.suite101.com/content/soy-a27818

* soy contributes to thyroid disorder, especially in women
* promotes kidney stones
* weakens the immune system
* contributes to food allergies and digestive intolerance

In order to derive some benefit from soy, consuming only fermented soy products – such as organic miso (mugi barley and genmai miso are the best), organic tempeh, soy sauce or tamari and natto – is the way to do it. This is because the phytic acid, which is inherent in soy beans, has been neutralized in the process of fermentation. Consuming fermented soy is very beneficial in recolonizing the friendly bacteria in the large intestine, which neutralizes the ‘unfriendly’ bacteria and allows for greater general assimilation of foods and nutrients. So, fermented soy is of benefit and unfermented soy is not. So this means soy sauce with your veggie sushi is completely okay!

I suffered from a hormone imbalance from consuming too much soy on a regular basis for 4 years. Soy has disrupted my hormones to the point were I have 45 day menstrual cycles and VERY PAINFUL periods where I would visit the ER every other month and be drugged up on labor medicines through shots to my bum, codeine, morphine, and other strong painkillers to calm my cramping, vomiting, and intense muscle spasm and shakes. I did an experiment where I did not eat soy at all 2 weeks before my period. My period was still painful, but I did not have to go to the ER. The next month I ate soy for 2 weeks straight before my period. MY period that time was SOOOO painful. My lungs clenched up from the pain and I could not breathe, choking on my own vomit with intense body shakes. I did some research and found the harmful effects of soy. Soy can stay in your system for THREE MONTHS. I then cut ALL soy out of my diet (which was hard for a while because soy was mainly what I ate) ANDDD NOT TO MENTION SOY was in EVERYTHING! I had to read ingredients all the time, soy was in bread, peanut butter, cereal, salad dressing, cookies, cakes, frostings, candy, energy bars, soy is just like corn… it’s almost everywhere! I then became a vegan. I was freaking out because I thought soy was the only thing vegans could go for, but boy was I wrong. It was so easy for my to be a soy free vegan. There are delicious breads with no soy as well as cereals. I can still use soy sauce with my sushi, which is great! You can also make desserts without soy by using almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk and more. Soy can be easily replaced with rice or nut substitutes. I have been an organic vegetarian for 11 years and a vegan since October 2010. For 7 years I was eating a balanced organic vegetarian diet with mostly veggies, fruits, nuts, grains, and more. I rarely had soy. Soy fake meats then became widely popular and I started consuming these yummy fake meats for years. Junk food is junk food no matter how you put it. Soy is a junk food. It is okay to eat fake meats just make sure it is not your main dish all the time. Make sure you balance your soy intake with fruits and vegetables. Treat soy like you would meat, people who eat meat all the time become sick. I ate soy all the time and became sick.

I did get my hormones tested, but since soy mocks estrogen it did not show a huge disruption on the test. Soy can be tricky by the way it mocks our natural hormones, yet since it is plant-based hormones it disrupts our natural hormones. Soy effects people differently since we all are different. My sister can eat lots of soy with no problems, me on the other hand my body is more sensitive to its harmful effects. It’s all about balance and moderation.

Soy Replacements:
I am a soy-free vegan, a happy one at that! Why happy? Happy because there are other substitutes for soy in foods that are just as or more delicious! Substitutes include: rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, macadamia nut milk, basically any nut milk. You can also make your own nut milks! I prefer these milks to soymilk; they taste better and are better for you in the long run if you are sensitive to soy.

Dairy Replacements:
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! There are many replacements for dairy products:

rice dream ice cream
almond milk ice cream
coconut milk ice cream (sooo yummy!)
Coconut milk yogurt (yum!)
Tofutti cuties soy ice cream sandwiches
tofutti cuties soy ice cream drumstick cones (very yummy)
soy whipped cream
ricemellow (vegan marshmallow fluff, great for banana fluffer nutter sandwiches)
ricenogg (rice based egg nog)
rice dream horchata (my favorite!)

Cheese Replacements:
For those sensitive/allergic to soy, use almond cheese instead… I prefer almond cheese because it tastes more like a nutty creamy cheese rather than a soy cheese. A lot of these cheeses are hit or miss; you should experiment with what brands are your favorites. Jalapeño almond cheese is the best!

Vegetarians PLEASE do not eat generic cheeses. Please consumer only organic cheese. The reason being is because generic farms not only inject their cows and chickens with hormones, steroids, vaccines w/mercury, they also throw in rennet. What is rennet you ask? Rennet is the inner lining of the fourth stomach of calves and other young ruminants. A dried extract made from the stomach lining of a ruminant, used in cheese making to curdle milk. Most cheeses do not name rennet in their ingredients because it is a small amount compared to the 100,000 gallons of milk used to make the cheese. Some cheeses have vegetable rennet in it, which is okay, it will be labeled if vegetable rennet it used. HORIZON Organic dairy products are the best.

Foods that contain animal products/ingredients that you may not know of:
watch out for:
gelatin: found in candy, desserts, nail polish, female care hygiene products, cosmetics, body care. (skittles, twinkies, marshmallows, gummybears [anything gummy check for gelatin], jello, starburst, poptarts, miniwheats, etc.)
taurine : found in energy drinks, juices (red bull, monster, sobe drinks, rockstar, etc.)
keratin: found in shampoos, soaps, conditioners i.e. pantene hair care.

PARENTS READ: Raising: vegan / vegetarian children:
key words: support, healthy lifestyle, making the world a better place, education, compassion/empathy. I have seen hundreds of cases where kids write me saying they want to be a vegan or vegetarian so bad, but their parents will not support them thinking that that lifestyle is “unhealthy”, “expensive” and a “burden/inconvenient”. Kids go on and write me that do not eat the meat the parents serve for dinner (which is the main course/90% of the meal is meat). This worries me, for this is not healthy diet refusing to eat. The unhealthy part of veganism or vegetarianism is the lack of support from parents. Vegetarian and veganism is NOT BAD it is not a BURDEN. Parents do not have to go out of their way anymore like they used to 10 years ago to get vegetarian and vegan friendly foods (at reasonable prices!). Let your children express their feelings and be passionate about helping animals while developing compassion and empathy. Take this as a way to hang out with your children, bond more, cook together more often (that means family meals that are healthy!). Vegan and vegetarian food is for everyone, not limited to just that lifestyle. Get your other family members who eat meat to eat more veggies as well; the whole experience can be a great and healthy one for your family overall. Take the one-week challenge! One week will not hurt and this blog will help give meal plans, advice, and health tips (you can also email me at [email protected] for any custom information).
I came to my parents as an 8 year old kid showing them how cruel people were to animals in the slaughter process. I showed them the cruel videos and research and explained why I wanted to become (at that time) an organic vegetarian. One of the best things my parents did for me was support me, this lead to a higher level of health for my whole family. I have meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans in my family. Veganism and vegetarianism not only help contribute to stopping animal cruelty, it also helped me and my family be educated on healthy foods and how to make them taste good along with balancing our diets.

Cost and Availability:
Vegan and vegetarian selections have become widely available and cost effient in name brand grocery stores like walmart, publix, Albertsons and target. These popular grocery stores also carry an organic food section as well! Wal-Mart carries a wide variety of vegetarian frozen foods like Boca burgers, vegan ribs, Amy’s vegan and vegetarian burritos and more with very low prices. Local Farmers markets also have amazing process as well as organic fresh fruits and veggies! Cooking at home saves money rather than going out and eating at restaurants or fast food on a daily basis. Vegan and vegetarian cooking is healthy and now more convenient for the average person!


This women started off cutting meat slowly out of her diet as well as eggs and dairy, read her story here:

Eating while on the road:
When I’m in a crunch for time and the ONLY thing I can get is FAST FOOD, I work that menu. J There are many choices you can manipulate into being vegan or vegetarian. Never be afraid to ask for any substitutes or if a restaurant can remove something from the meal, it can always be done.
This chart also helps if you live in an area that has no vegan or vegetarian cafes or restaurants, this will help you get an idea of what you can eat when you are out with friends or family!
Vegans eating on the road:
Vegetarian restaurant guide:
Other tips while on the road:

Sizzling Vegetable Skillet, Steamed Vegetable Plate, Nachos (w/o cheese, sour cream, or beef)

Garden Salad, Side Salad, Marinara Sauce, Apple Turnover, Cherry Turnover, Italian Dressing, Baked Potato (plain!), Sourdough Bread, Potato Cakes, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Seasoned Tortilla Strips, Apple Turnover, Cherry Turnover, Chocolate Twist

Backyard Burgers
Garden Veggie Sandwich

Baskin Robbins
Sorbet, Ices

Boca Burger, Garden Salad, Roasted Vegetable Primavera (w/o Lemon Butter Sauce) Blimpie
Italian White Sub Roll, Wheat Sub Roll, Mediterranean Flat Bread Marbled Rye Roll, Spinach Tortilla, Flour Tortilla, Ciabatta Bread, Fat Free Italian Dressing, Light Italian Dressing, Blimpie Dressing, Blimpie Sub Dressing, Apple Strudelette, Long John, Original Potato Chips, Jalapeno Chips, Pasta Salad, Guacamole, Sweet Peppers, Hot Peppers, Jalepeno Peppers

Boston Market
Chunky Cinnamon Apple Sauce, Fruit Salad, Steamed Vegetables, Zucchini Marinara, Apple Cobbler (not pie!), Tossed Salad (no croutons or dressing), Cranberry Walnut Relish, Cinnamon Apples, Fruit Salad

Brueger’s Bagels
Bagels (Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Sugar, Cranberry Orange, Pumpernickel, and Rosemary Olive Oil), Soups (Chili Cilantro, Gazpacho, Tuscan, Minestrone, Garden Split Pea, Marcello Minestrone, Roasted Roma Tomato, Vegetable Tomato Lentil, and Ratatouille), Sandwiches can be vegan by omitting cheese and dressing

Burger King
French Fries, Strawberry Apple Sauce, Dutch Apple Pie, Plain Salad, Onion Rings, Fruit Jams, Ketchup, Mustard, Dill Pickles, Hash Browns

Carl Jr.
French fries, Hash Brown Nuggets, Breadsticks, English Muffins, CrissCuts, Salad Bar, 3 Bean Salad, Fat Free Italian Dressing, Great Stuff™ Baked Potatoes (ask for all-vegetable margarine

Cheeburger Cheeburger
Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich (w/o cheese), Boca Burger, Salads (minus cheese), Fries, Onion Rings

Chips, Salsa, Dinner Salad (w/o cheese), Refried beans (w/o cheese), guacamole

Chips, Salsa, Veggie Quesadilla (w/o cheese and sour cream add extra veggies), Cadillac Fajitas (w/o meat), Bottomless Tostada Chips, Fries, Steamed Broccoli (no butter), Sautéed Mushrooms with Onions and Peppers (fried in vegetable oil)

Vegetarian Fajita Burrito (w/ black beans NOT pinto beans), Vegetarian Burrito (with BLACK beans, no cheese, no sour cream)

Chuck E. Cheese
Pizza Sauce, Pizza Crust

Claim Jumper
Broiled Portobello Stack (ask for UNmarinated mushrooms, w/o cheese), Nacho Platter (ONLY with Black Beans, Salsa, Guacamole), Pretzel (w/o butter), Candied Walnut & Asian Pear Salad (w/o candied walnuts, dressings, or cheese), California Citrus Salad (w/o pecans, bleu cheese, or dressing), Crunchy Spinach Salad (w/o bacon, cheese, or pecans), Produce Bar, Roasted Veggies, Roasted Vegetable Pizza (w/o pesto or cheese), Vegetable Soup

Cold Stone Creamery
Lemon Sorbet, Tangerine Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet

Cousin’s Subs
Hot Veggie Sub

French Fries, Seasoned Green Beans

Daily Grill
Grilled Vegetable Plate

Oatmeal Fixins’ (raisins, brown sugar, sliced banana), Juice, English Muffins, Grits, Applesauce, Fresh Fruit, Frozen Strawberries, Jelly (all flavors), nut and fruit topping, fruit syrups, baked potato, marinara sauce, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions and peppers, guacamole, barbecue sauce, vegetable plates, seasoned fries, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, garden salads, dressings (light Italian, reduced French, Oriental dressing, oil and vinegar) light rye bread, bagel, boule bread

Einstein Bros. Bagels
Plain, Jalapeno, Chopped Onion, Everything Bagel, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, Chocolate Chip, Poppy Dip Bagel, Wild Blueberry, Salt Bagel, Sesame dipd Bagel, Pumpernickel, Cranberry, Sun-Dried Tomato Bagels

Flamer’s Grill
Veggie Pattie

Hard Rock Cafe
Vegetarian Burger, Veggie Sandwich, Salads

Hard Times Cafe
Cafe Veggie Burger, Veggie Chili (ask for no dairy products)

Veggie Burger

Veggie Plate, Vegetarian Burger (ask for vegan bread)

Jimmy John’s
Vegetarian Sub (w/o cheese and mayo), Gourmet Veggie Club (w/o cheese and mayo), Pickle Spear, Whole Pickle

Johnny Rocket’s
the Streamliner (vegan Boca Burger), Fries, Onion Rings (no ranch sauce), Grilled Mushrooms, Garden Salad (w/o cheese)

Krispy Kreme
Fruit Pies (not coconut)

Little Caesars
Pizza Crust, Pizza sauce, Crazy Sauce, Crazy Bread

Macaroni Grill
Pasta w/ Garlic and Oil, Capellini Pomodoro, Tomato Brushetta (w/o cheese), Penne Arrabiata (w/o cheese), House Salad (w/o cheese), Garden Salad (w/o cheese), Balsamic Vinaigrette, Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette, Italian Dressing

Fruit and Walnut Salad (w/o the walnuts or yogurt), Side Salad, Low-fat Balsamic Vinaigrette, Baked Apple Pie, McVeggie (only available in NYC, Canada, and California)

McAlister’s Deli
Veggie Spud (without cheese), Spud Ole (w/o cheese & w/ vegetarian chili), California Classic (w/o cheeses), The Veggie (w/o cheese or dressing), Taco Salad (w/o cheese & sour cream & w/ vegetarian chili), Garden Salad (w/o cheese), Chili In A Bread Bowl (specify vegetarian chili), Chips & Salsa, Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinaigrette, Lite Italian, and Fat-Free Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Vinaigrette

Mimi’s Cafe
Veggie Stack Sandwich

(All tacos, fajitas, salads, and burritos are vegan if you ask for tofu/beans instead of meat and ask for no cheese)

Noodles & Company
Japanese Pan Noodles, Pasta Fresca (w/o cheese), Indonesian Peanut Sautee, Penne Rosa (w/o cheese), Tomato Marinara (w/o cheese), Rustic Roll

Panera Bread
Everything Bagel, Sesame Bagel, Plain Bagel, Blueberry Bagel, Sourdough Bread, Ciabatta Bread, Nine Grain Loaf, Rye Loaf, Artisan Three Seed Bread, Artisan Sesame Semolina Bread, Artisan Multigrain, Artisan French, Artisan Stone-Milled Rye Bread, Artisan Country, Lower-Carb Pumpkin Seed Bread, Lower Carb Italian Herb Bread, Mediterranean Veggie (without feta cheese)

Papa Johns
Pizza Dough, Pizza Sauce, Thin Crusts, Veggies

Papa Murphy’s
Pizza Crust, Sauce, Veggies

Pizza Hut
Thin n’ Crispy Crust, Hand Tossed Dough, Pizza Sauce, Sweet Sauce, Spaghetti Marinara Sauce, Pasta, Italian and French Dressings, Dessert Pizza crust, Cherry topping, Icing, Garlic Bread (make sure its oil not butter),

Pollo Tropical
Vegetarian TropiChop, Balsamic Tomatoes, Bananas Tropical, Black Beans, French Fries, White Rice, Yellow Rice, Boiled Yucca, Corn

Pyramid Brewery
Boca Burger (can be substituted for any burger, make sure its the vegan variety), Margarita Pizza

Quizno’s Subs
Garden Salad, veggie sub (no cheese), Potato Chips
Rainforest Café
the Natural Burger (w/o Safari Sauce), Morningstar Garden Grill, Paradise House Salad

Roy Rogers
Baked Potato, Vegetables (side dishes), Salad Bar, Mashed Potatoes (w/o gravy)

Ruby Tuesday’s
Veggie Burger (w/o mayo and cheese), Veggie Burger Wrap, Salad Bar, Lettuce Wrapped Burger (substitute veggie burger for meat burger)

Tomato Cucumber Salad, Garden Vinaigrette Dressing


Veggie Delight Salad, Italian Roll/Bread (customize a sub), Veggie Delight (w/o cheese and mayo), Fruizle smoothies, Veggies, Vegan Breads: Italian, Hearty Italian, and Sourdough

Swenson’s Drive-In
Veggie Special

Taco Bell
Bean Burrito (w/o cheese), Bean Taco (w/o cheese – specially prepared), seasoned rice, tortilla chips, Veggie Fajita Wrap (w/o cheese), pinto beans, Cinnamon Twists, 7-Layer Burrito (w/o cheese and sour cream), Mexican Pizzas (w/o cheese, meat, sour cream), Nachos (w/o cheese, meat, sour cream), Tacos (w/o meat, cheese, sour cream ADD Black Beans/Refried Beans) Taco Salad (w/o meat/cheese/sour cream, w/ refried beans)

Hot Veggie Stir-Fry Sandwich

Village Inn
Boca Burger (w/o cheese, w/o mayo, ask if its the vegan variety)

Plain Baked Potato, French Fries, Deluxe Garden Salad (ask for no cheese), Side Salad, Dressings (French, reduced fat/reduced calorie Italian) Applesauce, Taco Chips, Mandarin Oranges, Veggie Sandwich (everything that’s on a burger, without the burger, w/o cheese and mayo)

World Wraps
Tofu and Mushroom Teriyaki, Bombay Curry Veggie

Vegan Fashion and Cosmetics
Every year millions of animals from cats to dogs, beavers to foxes, and every animal in between desired for its lush fur are skinned ALIVE, abused, beaten every year in the name of “fashion” and looking “cool”. Abuse and animal cruelty is not “cool”, “hip”, or “fashionable. All my clothes and shoes are not made from animals. I get many emails asking where I buy my clothes and shoes everyday. Instead of buying that $250 pair of leather heels that a cow had to be hung from a large hook 15ft hanging /flailing in the air, still alive, mooing/screaming while choking on its own blood (while all the other cows watch to see their fate)…. Buy a pair of pleather shoes that look the same that are half the cost!
For example: Designer Jeffery Campbell leopard wedge shoes- real fur and leather:

Identical leopard bootie without the abuse of animals and affordable! Save money while not funding the slaughterhouses with your hard earned money!

Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside cold, barren cages in laboratories across the country. They languish in pain, ache with loneliness and long to roam free and use their minds.
Instead, all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them. The stress, sterility and boredom causes some animals to develop neurotic behaviors such incessantly spinning in circles, rocking back and forth and even pulling out their own hair and biting their own skin. They shake and cower in fear whenever someone walks past their cages and their blood pressure spikes drastically. After enduring lives of pain, loneliness and terror, almost all of them will be killed. More than 100 million animals every year suffer and die in cruel chemical, drug, food and cosmetic tests, biology lessons, medical training exercises, and curiosity-driven medical experiments. Exact numbers aren’t available because mice, rats, birds and cold-blooded animals—who make up more than 95 percent of animals used in experiments—are not covered by even the minimal protections of the Animal Welfare Act and therefore go uncounted. To test cosmetics, household cleaners, and other consumer products, hundreds of thousands of animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year by cruel corporations. Mice and rats are forced to inhale toxic fumes, dogs are force-fed pesticides, and rabbits have corrosive chemicals rubbed onto their skin and eyes. Many of these tests are not even required by law, and they often produce inaccurate or misleading results; even if a product harms animals, it can still be marketed to you. Cruel and deadly toxicity tests are also conducted as part of massive regulatory testing programs that are often funded by U.S. taxpayers’ money. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Toxicology Program, and the Department of Agriculture are just a few of the government agencies that subject animals to painful and crude tests.
The federal government and many health charities waste precious dollars from taxpayers and generous donors on cruel and misleading animal experiments at universities and private laboratories instead of spending them on promising clinical, in vitro and epidemiological studies that are actually relevant to humans. Millions of animals also suffer and die for classroom biology experiments and dissections, even though modern alternatives have repeatedly been shown to teach students better, save teachers time and save schools money.
Each of us can help save animals from suffering and death in experiments by demanding that our alma maters stop experimenting on animals, by buying cruelty-free products, by donating only to charities that don’t experiment on animals, by requesting alternatives to animal dissection and by demanding the immediate implementation of humane, effective non-animal tests by government agencies and corporations.

Check out cruelty free brands here: http://www.mybeautybunny.com/cruelty-free-beauty/

Makeup companies who test on animals also use animal bi products in their makeup; for example, lipstick and any eye shadow that shimmers contains fish scales for the shine and shark fat.

Cover Girl
Yves Saint Laurent
Johnson & Johnson – SC Johnson
remel London
and more
check out companies that test on animals and be on the look out here: http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/list-companies-who-test-animals-graphic-picture-be-warned


my corporation creates high fashion that is animal friendly!
Check it out: http://shop.kikikannibal.com www.kikikannibal.com

Cookbooks for easy cheap vegan / vegetarian cooking:
Skinny Bitch Ultimate Everyday Cookbook by Kim Barnouin
http://www.petacatalog.com/products/Skinny_Bitch_Ultimate_Everyday_Cookbook-571-0.html (amazing book for yummy meals and people who are watching their figures!)

PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook
http://www.petacatalog.com/products/PETA_s_Vegan_College_Cookbook-53-0.html (I have this book!! It’s great and LOW cost healthy cooking!)

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0030KY8N2/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new (I have this book as well; it is very healthy, very vegan, and VERY DELICIOUS!)

Animal Cruelty Facts:


Nutrition links:

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