Kiki Kannibal and Dakota Rose create pleasing eye candy that is unisex, classy, stylish, edgy and high quality to make anyone feel like a gem. The goals for Kiki Kannibal and KND Kouture are to change fashion by opening minds to beautifully eerie designs and thinking. Everyday these sisters create new fashion statements that inspire people to be more creative, outspoken, and not afraid to be one's self. Kiki Kannibal Jewelry was founded in November 2006 and has branched out in KND Kouture apparel which was founded in January 2008 by designer Kiki Kannibal and artist Dakota Rose. These two blood sisters' minds intertwined to work as a creative team bringing fancy and racy thinking into reality with high quality, edgy modern apparel and sparkling eye catching couture jewelry. The mission is to create pleasing eye candy that draws emotions and a new way of perceiving beauty/ fashion with their designs making the scary beautiful and the odd more than interesting. Details are major in their designs and fashion, from the immaculate presentation and quality of Kiki Kannibal Jewelry and KND Kouture apparel and art, to the packaging of the products. Every customer feels as if he or she is opening an elaborate gift. The two sisters have been featured in articles of multiple international CosmoGirl magazines in the Netherlands, Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Italy. Kiki Kannibal Jewelry and KND Kouture has been shipped worldwide to Japan, Slovenia, Africa, Italy, Malta, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Egypt, Austria, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and to every US state. These young pioneers of fashion are here to inspire, create, and bring vivacious fresh thinking to fashionable human beings.